Mathematical Inventions Firm (MIF)

Mathematical Inventions Firm (MIF) is a commercial partnership firm established in 2011 with the aim of supporting the initiatives and works of Bhartiya New Rule for Fraction.

Meanwhile, in 2011-13, it took a responsibility to propose the Government of India few pioneer ideas/ workings for genuinely solving the major problems of India. It includes:

However, after a while, MIF realizes that, itís not possible at all to make any intellectual idea to be established in India, until unless there is a complete change over the present existing system from top to bottom.

Additionally, with the failure of public movements like ĎIndia Against Corruptioní led by Anna Hazare, MIF also realizes thatís a public involvement too canít bring a complete change.

Thus, too bring a change there must be a consolidation of economic and political power on the genuine hands that has a desire to serve humankind. This ultimate realization has now united MIF to a single aim of working for BNRF and to establish BNRF to the World level.

Then after, the global economy, so acquired by the establishment of BNRF in world level, will be firstly utilized by MIF in bringing the changes to Indian society, political system and economical scenario and then the same to world level.

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